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The rise of consumerism in the funeral industry means that your brand affiliations and community engagement programs are more important than ever. They must resonate with your community and elevate your value above your competitors.Going forward your success and growth will be determined by what sets you apart. Right now the problem you may be faced with is that boasting about the quality of your service and exceptional care are expectations NOT differentiations. ValMark's Powerhouse Brands and Community Engagement Programs provide the platform for creating top of mind awareness and a compelling differentiating message that is winning the hearts and minds of communities across America.


Is Everything

ValMark's signature community engagement programs and national strategic partnerships bolster your funeral home brand and create new opportunities. We provide you with all of the tools and materials necessary to succeed in an easy to implement format, including press releases, flyers, advertising copy and simple to understand instructions.


Increased Marketability

The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand affiliation as "a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of one group of sellers and to DIFFERENTIATE them from those of other sellers." ValMark's Powerhouse Brands elevate your value above your competitors.


Competitive Advantage

The most important pillar of your business strategy is making sure that your competitive advantage is difficult for other funeral homes to copy. It's called your Unique Value Proposition. ValMark's UVP platform delivers a compelling differentiating message that is easy to understand, winning the hearts and minds of communities nationwide.


Remembrance Planning

Our Remembrance Planner custom whiteboard used with the HWL Training Manual moves families towards remembrance. They will reveal their loved one's personality traits, interests & hobbies providing you with the necessary data to visualize and create a rewarding & meaningful Remembrance Gathering designed expressly for them.

Win More
Cremation Clients!


Win More
Cremation Clients

When it comes to cremation you can’t just throw your hands up in the air and say “the cheapest provider wins.”When you look and sound like every other cremation provider the only thing consumers have to go by is price, and when you compete on price everyone loses.

Change The


Final Celebrations,
A Lifetime in a Day

NARP's Professional Remembrance Planners are responding to the evolving expectations of what people believe funeral services should be. We believe that it's our job to provide extraordinary, personalized opportunities to help families celebrate that wonderful life.